Scheduled Carnage

Lowsec has been awfully quiet for several agonizing weeks now. Recent roams have not been hugely successful, which caused the newest addition to my fleet - a Stabber - to return empty handed from its maiden voyage.

It came close, but another Stabber must have gotten cold feet and decided not to play; much to my dismay, as the pilot managed to violently disassemble my Vengeance a few days ago.
Let's just say he appears to be braver when he is being supported by a Kitsune.

Be that as it may, fellow Tusker and cunning wormhole entrepreneur Suleiman Shouaa took the matter of barely anything to shoot at in his own hands and announced his Assault Frigate Tournament.

In a nutshell, for a mere 10 million ISK you can bring an Assault Frigate of your choice to Hevrice on September 18th and join the scandalous scallywags that are bound to gather and gank each other.

Now I'm no fan of pre-arranged duels - first I enjoy staging fights by myself, second I'm not fond of traps - but I'll make sure to put together some sort of devious setup. Turns out to be a really tough choice, since I can fly all Assault Ships but Caldari. And some of them become so much more attractive once you're not forced to fit a warp disruption module.

Nevertheless I have a strong tendency to... well, wouldn't you want to know? Save to say I sure won't be the only one thinking of this particular mischief, but it should become all the more interesting then.

Hope to see you around, it's gonna be fun.

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